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Container Hub occupies a special place among the container manufacturing companies in Dubai as we never compromise the quality of services provided to our customers. We also undertake several services associated with the shipping containers. You can approach us anytime for container washing in Dubai as our efficient team of professional are at your service throughout.  We are experienced with all the latest technological solution in cleaning any type of containers and place before you, flawless containers in no time. It is always advised to clean and wash the containers before use especially when they are used before for transportation as it can contain debris, pollutants, dirt and contaminants.

Why Choose Us?


You have complete visibility of all repair job orders as well as container repair history.


After inspection, the team will identify the flaws and decide on the methods of cleaning


Depending on the kind of debris to clean, our experts wash inside the containers to make them flawless

Here is how we undertake container cleaning services

Sweeping the debris out: It is always good to sweep the interior of the containers first to remove unwanted particles that might be left out of the previous transport

Container washing: Washing not only removes the sticky particles and stains, it also helps you to keep away foul odors. We undertake container washing in Dubai anytime to give you clean and clear containers for quick transportation

Rust Removal: It is quite normal that the containers get rust when kept idle or due to continued usage in sea. When dents or holes are left unattended it gets worse and needs to be treated immediately. Thus, it is mandatory to go for rust treatment occasionall

Inspection and supervision: It is always good to inspect the interior of large containers and most of the time need the supervision of technically expert professionals to keep the hazards out.

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