DNV offshore CCU’s

DNV Offshore CCU’s

The DNV cargo-carrying unit is one of the most well-liked models of Container Hub, Dubai, UAE. These units are incredibly robust and have a wide range of uses. These units are fully equipped with slings and shackles that meet the necessary standards, as well as relevant tie-down locations for securing your cargo during transit. A shipping container with slings is designed for the safe and efficient transportation of bulk cargo. The container typically has four corner posts with lifting eyes, as well as pull-out slings attached to the container sides, allowing it to be lifted and moved by crane or forklift. This type of container is commonly used for the transport of heavy machinery and other large items, as well as for the storage of items in warehouses and other secure locations. The term “Cargo Carrying Unit,” which refers to the unique kind of durable shipping container intended to transport cargo to offshore platforms is frequently used in offshore shipping. These containers must be made to strict specifications and receive a DNV 2.7-1 safety grade. This is so that when the container is transferred from one offshore item to another, it can resist being banged against the side of ships or offshore platforms.

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