Container Depot Services

Our Container Depot Services

Container Repair

Do you think your container needs a revival or does it have holes in and around? We have a perfect repairing team with us to make them all patched up. We undertake the repair services related to the malfunctioning of shipping containers. Right from minor repairs like fixing the cracks or patching up holes to major issues related to the refrigerated containers, our team of experts will fix them at affordable cost and with a quick fixing time. 

Container Washing

Conatiner Hub occupies a special place among the container manufacturing companies in Dubai as we never compromise the quality of services provided to our customers. We also undertake several services associated with the shipping containers. You can approach us anytime for container washing in Dubai as our efficient team of professional are at your service throughout.  We are experienced with all the latest technological solution in cleaning any type of containers and place before you, flawless containers in no time.

Inter Terminal Transfer

Nowadays the transport of goods and cargos between two geographically different areas have increased tremendously. High competition in global and local markets have intensified the transport requirements. These inter terminal transfers also adds to the revenue generated by the transport industry in bulk. Along with handling several container Depot services in Dubai, we also excel in inter terminal transfer of cargos and goods.

We Help Design, Redesign, Store And Dispatch Containers

As a trading company based in UAE, we are committed to deliver complete customer satisfaction and help you meet your requirements to the fullest. We extend our support and services to every aspect of container solutions 24X7.

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