Modular Construction

An advancement towards betterment !

Construction has trailed behind other industries in productivity for many years. By moving numerous building-related activities from traditional construction sites to factories with off-site, manufacturing-style operations, modular construction gives the industry a chance to make a significant change.

Although the idea of modular (or prefabricated) construction is not new, recent technology advancements, economic pressures, and shifting cultural attitudes have led to an extraordinary surge in interest and investment. It increases industry productivity, aids in alleviating housing difficulties in many markets, and fundamentally alters how we construct buildings today.

In general, modular construction entails constructing standardized building parts in a factory off-site before putting them together on-site. Prefabrication, modular construction, and other terms like “off-site construction” are all interchangeable. These phrases include a wide range of methods and setups, from simple components that are clipped together using standard connections and interfaces to 3-D volumetric units with full fixtures. Container Hub, Dubai , UAE is opening a new way for you!

How do we modify the containers to make perfect designs?

Custom made

Being the leading container home manufacturer Dubai, we ensure that our team with highly efficient engineers and architects, can curate the best possible designs from the containers.

Perfect Installation

Shipping container customizations with Gulf International Container Trading LLC are a relatively fast process that ensures on-time delivery and much quicker than traditional constructions.

Quick and Durable conversions

We ensure that all conversion works are done quickly and delivered within a short span of time with the help of our expertise. We ensure they are highly durable by using premium quality ingredients.

Highly Portable

All our custom-made containers can be easily transported to the place of use as they are fitted with best quality parts

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