Mechanical Room Containers

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Our mechanical room container UAE is a great option if you’re searching for a better way to store mechanical and electrical equipment. Our containers and systems are designed and produced by a productive group of highly experienced professionals based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

For whatever type of purpose, our shipping containers are built with sturdiness, efficiency, and safety in hand. We value the service we provide to you, and our priority is always quality.

Container Hub, Dubai , UAE can customize our containers to meet the requirements of any client and use only top-notch materials in their construction. The containers we produce are robust and able to survive inclement weather and frequent use. Capable of enduring normal wear and tear and still being carried across land and water. No matter how big or expensive the equipment is, we can alter your shipping container to fit it. Lighting, electrical components, and plumbing systems can all be added to our containers. With our expert security measures, like additional locks or other security orders, we can safeguard any expensive equipment that has been upgraded or placed within your shipping container.

How do we modify the containers to make perfect designs?

Custom made

Being the leading container home manufacturer Dubai, we ensure that our team with highly efficient engineers and architects, can curate the best possible designs from the containers.

Perfect Installation

Shipping container customizations with Gulf International Container Trading LLC are a relatively fast process that ensures on-time delivery and much quicker than traditional constructions.

Quick and Durable conversions

We ensure that all conversion works are done quickly and delivered within a short span of time with the help of our expertise. We ensure they are highly durable by using premium quality ingredients.

Highly Portable

All our custom-made containers can be easily transported to the place of use as they are fitted with best quality parts

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