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Container Conversion​

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Containers, both new and used, are utilized for different basic rental and purchase choices, with fully customized units to meet customer needs. They are incredibly durable, making them the perfect choice for harsh situations and places where safety is an issue. They can be connected to create bigger, more secure units. Following your needs, we may also convert containers into unique units. We maximize the potential of each design with incredibly inventive modification approaches. If you need private office space, a resting unit, or an economical lodging unit, approach us to have containers transformed. Containers can convert into cabins, electric rooms, or portable offices with the help of our efficient team. We make them at an affordable cost and within a short period. Container Hub, Dubai , UAE always strive to give our best to our clients, which makes us stand out from others, and when it comes to adapted container units, we are the most sought-after group in Dubai.

Our Container CONVERSION Services

Rov Containers

Remotely Operated Vehicle(ROV) is designed to provide installations for personnel to operate remote-controlled vehicles in a safe, comfortable, and climate-controlled environment.  Shipping containers can be regularly transported across the globe from more arid regions to big, congested cities. A shipping container is undoubtedly one of the best ways to carry your equipment if you work internationally.

Ro Containers

Over the past few years, the variety of roll-off container assemblies has grown. Special usage scenarios signify the development and implementation of ever-more-specific roll-off container designs in close collaboration with our clients. Large amounts of general waste and bulky materials, such as construction waste or scrap that may be too heavy for other modes of transportation, can be disposed of safely and effectively in roll-on, roll-off containers.

Clinic Container Conversion

We who reside in or close to large cities frequently take for granted the accessibility of things like a wide variety of foods, reliable transportation alternatives, and even skilled medical care. However, not everyone has access to these conveniences, and even in the most developed regions, people can find themselves without them in times of crisis.

Mechanical Room Containers

Our mechanical room container UAE is a great option if you’re searching for a better way to store mechanical and electrical equipment. Our containers and systems are designed and produced by a productive group of highly experienced professionals based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mobile Restaurant

The ideal, affordable method to start your food business on the go is with a mobile restaurant housed in a shipping container. You can freely take your business across town or worldwide with the help of a readily movable shipping container. Your food business could be located anywhere.

We at Container Hub, Dubai , UAE have worked on numerous projects to create mobile restaurants in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries.

Offshore Accommodation

At Container Hub, Dubai , UAE, we offer offshore accommodations all over the world that can be conveniently exported and transported as per norms in Europe and other continents. We only choose containers that are sturdy, portable, and most importantly, weather- and water-resistant. A perfect example of a suitable offshore lodging is a shipping container. There is no denying that a shipping container is the height of toughness, so you’ll be secure and shielded from the hostile atmosphere of working abroad.

Modular Construction

Construction has trailed behind other industries in productivity for many years. By moving numerous building-related activities from traditional construction sites to factories with off-site, manufacturing-style operations, modular construction gives the industry a chance to make a significant change.

Although the idea of modular (or prefabricated) construction is not new, recent technology advancements, economic pressures, and shifting cultural attitudes have led to an extraordinary surge in interest and investment.

How do we modify the containers to make perfect designs?

Custom made

Being the leading container home manufacturer Dubai, we ensure that our team with highly efficient engineers and architects, can curate the best possible designs from the containers.

Perfect Installation

Shipping container customizations with Gulf International Container Trading LLC are a relatively fast process that ensures on-time delivery and much quicker than traditional constructions.

Quick and Durable conversions

We ensure that all conversion works are done quickly and delivered within a short span of time with the help of our expertise. We ensure they are highly durable by using premium quality ingredients.

Highly Portable

All our custom-made containers can be easily transported to the place of use as they are fitted with best quality parts

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