Top-tier trader of shipping containers.

In this fast-moving world, we are taking a new perspective on the burgeoning business of container trading. Container Hub is a top-tier trader of shipping containers based in Dubai. We specialize in modifying containers for various applications such as container homes, restaurants, retail outlets, office spaces, and so on. Our expert team will take care of all your shipping-related aspects. Strict and standard inspections are carried out throughout every stage to ensure they are eligible for cargo and shipping purposes under the IICL guidelines. Our customers and their requirements related to container types are always valuable to us for our growth and development. Being distinctive is always required for any business to distinguish itself. We maintain our presence by delivering quality and timely service to our customers. Providing service with utmost excellence is our greatest priority. You can rely on us!

Brilliance in Container Solution

We bring in a variety of container types and services related to shipping containers


Container hub is focused to provide excellent solutions to its clients regarding the various needs related to container types. It aims towards becoming the single stop solution for the container requirements and services in UAE. It strives towards bringing in customer satisfaction and delights at each step of container transport.


To be the most trusted name in the industry and become the most sought-after company in the shipping related aspects, worldwide. In order to keep its position as the top supplier of shipping solutions worldwide, it also established targets for bringing in the most cutting-edge container designs and services.