Offshore Containers

Offshore Containers​

Det Norske Veritas, also known as DNV, is an independent foundation that protects people, property, and the environment on land and at sea. A certified container for the oil and gas industry is a DNV shipping container, also known as an offshore container. We have containers with TPI certificates which meet safety and performance standards. This portable device can be used multiple times, which raises its utility and worth. You need a container that can endure wind and motion for transporting or storing temperature-controlled goods on-site or at a rig. DNV containers must abide by safety rules to be certified for operating on oil rigs, oil tankers, and the environment because the oil sector can present some risks. All our offshore containers strictly follow TUV-certified container standards to specify the minimum requirements for the structural strength, safety, and dimensions of containers to ensure that they can be safely transported by all modes of transport. To be approved for offshore use, offshore containers must meet ADMA-certified and BV-certified container standards. We guarantee that our containers are certified and built to the highest level of safety and quality.

Types Of
Offshore Containers

DNV reefer containers

DNV Reefer containers, sometimes known as refrigerated containers, are used for shipments of commodities that require temperature control. Container Hub, Dubai , UAE is the leading provider of DNV Reefer Containers globally.  We provide a complete line of DNV Reefers, including the regular 20- and 40-foot models as well as the DNV Dual Voltage Twin Room Reefer, with worldwide shipping. Additionally, we provide a large selection of ISO Refrigerated Containers.

DNV offshore CCU’s

The DNV cargo-carrying unit is one of the most well-liked models of Container Hub, Dubai , UAE. These units are incredibly robust and have a wide range of uses.  These units are fully equipped with slings and shackles that meet the necessary standards, as well as relevant tie-down locations for securing your cargo during transit. The term “Cargo Carrying Unit,” which refers to the unique kind of durable shipping container intended to transport cargo to offshore platforms is frequently used in offshore shipping.

DNV half heights

Offshore Half Height containers are low-profile units perfect for swiftly transporting smaller cargo in bulk. The unit sizes and weight-bearing capacities offered by Container Hub, Dubai , UAE are diverse. The DNV (Det Norske Veritas) requirements are followed for half-height containers. A half height container that has received DNV approval is equipped with slings, shackles, and numerous internal lashing points.

DNV Baskets

For efficient and secure cargo storage and transportation, Container Hub, Dubai , UAE offers a choice of offshore baskets in a number of sizes suitable for a range of purposes. The risk of a lift set snagging on cargo has been eliminated by the design of all of our cargo baskets, which include a full complement of load fastening points and additional net alternatives. To increase the security of delicate and valuable cargo, cradles that are specially made and constructed can also be placed.

DNV Tanks

A tank container, also known as a tanktainer, is an intermodal container used for the bulk transportation of liquids, gases, and powders. It is also known as an ISO tank since it was constructed following ISO standards, making it appropriate for use with various transportation systems.  Container Hub, Dubai , UAE’s  tank containers can be used to carry both hazardous and non-hazardous goods.

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